Thursday, November 03, 2005

ah, harry potter . . .

I just finished rereading all six of the Harry Potter books today. I had started this project, oh, a month or so ago, and it was well worth my time -- as Christine suggested might happen, I became completely immersed in that world. And I caught stuff I missed the first time 'round, since I wasn't in such a hurry to find out what happened. And I'm even more excited for the last book to publish. Well, or the next book, anyway.

See, I have a few cockamamie theories concerning the Potter series. I actually think there will be 4 more books. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, Harry has to find 4 horcruxes and then kill Voldemort -- a big task for just one more novel, if you ask me. (See, find one horcrux per novel, then also kill Voldemort at the end of the last one.) Also, Harry technically has one year left at Hogwarts, then will be required to do some sort of wizard college, since he wants to be an Auror. (I'm sorry if someone who hasn't read the books is reading this -- you have no idea what I'm rambling about.) Also, I think ten is a nice number of books -- much more well-rounded than seven.

Other conspiracy-type theories: I think Sirius Black will come back, and I'm not entirely sure Dumbledore is dead. I still think Snape is working for the "good guys" -- although there is the problem of that unbreakable vow thing he formed at the beginning of book six. Perhaps he "had" to kill Dumbledore, because of the vow, and didn't know what he was agreeing to at the time. Or it could be a big, fat setup -- Snape was in on faking Dumbledore's death or something. Who knows. But it's incredibly interesting fiction!

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Catherine Weber said...

See, now I'm almost positive about the Sirius thing, because of something Luna Lovegood said after the big fight scene at the ministry of magic -- she thinks her mom is trapped in the funny portal type thing Sirius fell through, and Luna seems to know more about it than we do at this point.

I'm not entirely sure about Dumbledore, but something tells me we haven't heard the last from him. Marie thinks he's coming back as a phoenix, who will become Harry's buddy. I like that idea. But I still have a hunch that Dumbledore might actually have tried to fake his own death. After all this nonsense about casting spells on people without speaking, who's to say Dumbledore didn't deflect Snape's curse, and also unfreeze Harry without speaking?

AND, what about polyjuice potion? Eh?

But I appreciate the disagreeing, Laure -- makes life more interesting. :)