Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sushi and ice cream

I was feeling bored, busy, and more than a little bit restless yesterday afternoon, and since everyone was busy working, (most people are busy working on a Monday afternoon,) I decided to get busy in the kitchen and work on a couple of cooking projects. After a mountain of dishes, (I needed to find some room to cook, after all,) I made a simple green lentils and rice, with a somewhat French-inspired dressing -- red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and dried fines herbes . . . come to think of it, that was the exact same thing I marinaded my portobello cap in yesterday . . . ha! Anyhow, after I finished the lentils and rice, I set to work on dinner:
Since it was 80 degrees in MN yesterday, I wanted something cool and refreshing for dinner. Sushi, believe it or not, is a quick, relatively simple supper, as long as you have all of the ingredients on hand! I made two cucumber and red pepper rolls, and steamed half a bag of edamame, and that was plenty for Dan and I. YUM.

After dinner, Dan and I walked over to Sebastian Joe's for ice cream cones. Dan ordered chai ice cream, I ordered green tea, and we switched halfway through. Yum yum yum yum yum. (I also tried a very unusual sorbet -- orange basil! It was good, but I wasn't sure I could eat an entire cone's worth.)

And that's all for now. I may disappear a little bit over the next week or two, since work will get extra-busy, but I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the weather amazing yesterday?! 80s in March in MN!! Sushi sounds like a good choice for dinner--and it looks pretty darn great doo. Nice job with the rolls!


theONLYtania said...

Wow you are good at the sushi! Granted.. I only ever made it once, but it didn't look nearly that nice!

KleoPatra said...

NICE sushi there. Lookin' good! I'm sure it is NOT easy to make, too!

bazu said...

I've never heard of Sebastian Joe's (what is he, like the long-lost brother of Trader Joe? he he) but those ice cream flavors sound intriguing. Orange basil sorbet... wow. Hey, send some of your heat our way!

Catherine Weber said...

Courtney, I really was not ready for the heat on Monday -- it actually made me kind of cross! (I'll take 10 below any day, over heat and humidity!) Dan has started refering to me as "Little Miss Pacific Northwest," because I really prefer temperate temperatures. :)

Tania, thanks! I think the hardest part is cooking the rice so it is plenty sticky, and using a rolling mat to keep the nori from ripping, and to get the roll nice and tight. Next time I make sushi, I'll photograph the process and write sort of a tutorial, maybe!

Kleo, thanks! Is it weird that I find sushi pretty simple to make?

Bazu, Sebastian Joe's is a local ice cream place -- plenty of interesting flavors like blueberry mint sorbet, cinnamon ice cream, green tea ice cream, and other delicious choices, most of which change daily. Mmmm . . . ! (And, I would send some heat your way, but it's cold and raining today! Alas. Spring in Minnesota is so unpredictable.)

MeloMeals said...

Lovely sushi rolls!!

Anonymous said...

cute sushi! have a great weekend!