Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a first.

I have been a subscriber to Netflix for a number of years now. I find it an affordable, fuss-free way to rent movies. Having a couple of new movies on hand most of the time is great! I haven't watched commercial TV in a couple of years, and don't miss it one bit, thanks in part to Netflix.

Will you believe the email I got today?

They are LOWERING the cost of the plan I am signed up for.

Does ANYONE, EVER, lower the cost of anything?

This is truly remarkable.

I'm so puzzled, I almost want to ask why -- but, heck, I'm not complaining!


KleoPatra said...

i'd heard they were doing that... it's to compete w/BLOCKBUSTER, as i recall.

Anonymous said...

that is so good, thanks for the link,i was wondering if this can be used here!

Anonymous said...

That is crazy!