Monday, March 17, 2008

breaking in new bakeware, kid food

First, some random oatmeal I made for breakfast last weekend:
Actually, come to think of it, I think this was 10-grain hot cereal from Bob's Red Mill. Made with almond milk and a diced apple, spiced up with a little cinnamon and sweetened with a teaspoon of honey, this was just right -- creamy, filling, and not too sweet. Yum!

I bought two new pieces of bakeware a couple of weeks ago! First, my new muffin pan:
Wee! Blue silicone! Contents: Ruthie's 10-Grain Muffins (from the back of the Bob's Red Mill 10-Grain Cereal bag -- veganized, though. I also added vanilla and nutmeg.)

My new removeable-bottom bar pan:
Contents: another batch of Raspberry-Oatmeal Bars (well, these are strawberry,) from Joy of Vegan Baking. Yum again!

I made myself "kid food" for dinner tonight:
Mac and cheese (from the box . . . but still organic!), steamed broccoli, and a Minneola tangelo. Sometimes even I need a little white flour and gooey cheese sauce, despite my otherwise mostly healthy diet!

With that said, I'm going to enjoy my last piece of candied ginger, and start the dishes. Posts may be far and few between these next couple of weeks -- I am unusually busy, and then leave town for Haiti early April, so I'm planning easy meals and trying to clean out my fridge and freezer before I leave. Know that I'll still be reading everyone else's blogs, though!!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you got a new muffin pan too--nice! How did you like the removable bottom pan? I want one! The bars look great, by the way.

Ahh...kid food. Sometimes it just hits the spot, doesn't it?!