Sunday, August 23, 2009

JAM! (and groceries, too.)

Good news! Dan and I returned to the "secret spot" we found yesterday and ended up picking almost 10 cups of wild blackberries! Wahoo! I ended up making a big batch of jam -- three small jars, (one of which we left with Dan's folks, since I used up all of their sugar,) and one large jar, too! More delicious goodness to be crammed somewhere in our teeny-tiny freezer. :)


Even though we got back into town kind of late tonight, I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the co-op . . .


local, organic "Gold & White" flour
local, organic, fair-trade coffee
organic, fair-trade, natural granulated sugar

local pepper Jack

canola oil
organic salsa x2 (on sale!)
organic coconut milk
Seventh Generation trash bags

NatraCare pantiliners

local, organic broccoli
organic bananas
organic green grapes
organic lemon
organic ginger root
local, organic mixed baby greens
organic green onions
organic sweet potatoes
organic black mission figs
local, organic dino kale

local butter
local, organic eggs


Good news on the budgeting front -- this week's haul cost us a measly $80.38! Wow! I've really been choosing conventional products over organic products this month in an effort to stay on budget, and if we come in way under budget this month, I'll definitely switch back to mostly organic products next month.


Meals for this week:
poached eggs, kale, and roasted potatoes
rice and beans and salad
curried carrot soup and hummus/pita
loaded baked sweet potatoes
pasta with homemade tomato sauce and side salad


Vic Robinson said...

Wild Blackberries?!?! Secret Spot?!?!?! I need a secret spot. That is amazing.

Anonymous said...

You should have included a photo of your lovely homemade jam :-)

What?! You bought figs at the Wedge after I gave you that great tip about the price on organic figs at Whole Foods?! You could have gotten twice as many for the same price...


aTxVegn said...

I KNEW you would make jam with those blackberries! I don't know what I would do if I happened upon a mountain of blackberries.