Sunday, October 18, 2009

meals, shopping, and my afternoon in the kitchen

Here's what we've been eating since I posted last . . .

Thursday night:
A repeat, but so good, it's worth it!

Saturday night:
Another repeat! Dan has said, without any prompting on my part, that I make the best pizza he's ever had. Alright!

Lunch today:
I really wish I had a bigger oven and larger roasting pan, so I could make one batch of this goodness that would last several days, instead of making multiple batches per week! Oh well. :)


After I got home from church today, Dan and I went to the Farmer's Market and the co-op together. Our haul:

This load from the FM cost us LESS than $20! Can you believe ALL of the squash, except for the pie pumpkin, cost us a total of $3????? Unbelieveable. We also scored onions, a red bell pepper, kohlrabi, sage, cherry tomatoes, and Jerusalem artichokes! Now I'll have to start searching for that cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup recipe I saw somewhere . . . !!!

Filling in the gaps at the co-op:
(I also stocked up on "lunchbox treats" this week . . . )

raw hazelnuts
organic golden flax seeds
organic dried cranberries

local asiago

organic orange juice concentrate
organic vanilla ice cream

two Lindt truffles
peanut butter Reeds ginger chews
regular Reeds ginger chews
dark chocolate "Bug Bites"
raspberry Panda licorice
black Panda licorice
white wine vinegar
wholegrain yellow corn tortilla chips

local, organic green chard
local hydroponic lettuce
local, organic sweet potatoes

local, organic salted butter
extra-firm tofu


I got a late start on my Sunday cooking projects this afternoon because we ran errands today instead of yesterday, and I also had to make lunch! I still managed to get everything done, though . . .

Honey Oat Quick Bread,, from Eating Well,
Haven't cut into this yet, since we'll have it with dinner in a bit, but it looks and smells AMAZING! Eating Well has yet to disappoint me, so I expect it will be delicious!

I also made Diann's FANTASTIC Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, to which I also added walnuts this time 'round,
I can't wait to devour one of these! This is a fantastic pumpkin muffin recipe, and with the addition of walnuts AND chocolate chips, I expect heaven!

In addition to the baking, I also roasted and pureed the pumpkin, (and I let the puree sit in a strainer over a bowl for a couple of hours to mimic "canned" pumpkin texture, which worked beautifully,) roasted the two butternut squash for the soup I made for dinner tonight, finished the soup, made a batch of soymilk, baked the sweet potatoes, toasted and chopped some hazelnuts for the soup, and washed & spun the lettuce we bought today. WHEW! I'm ready for some soup, salad, bread, and a quiet night on the couch, I think!

Stay tuned for a week of orange food . . . because nearly all of that squash and all of the sweet potatoes we bought today will be consumed this week! (I wonder if my vitamin A is low or something, since I'm craving orange food???)


aTxVegn said...

Your pizza does look perfect! I just posted some roasted veggies too. I can't think of any veggie that doesn't taste great roasted.

Your produce looks so good. I hope to see kohlrabi here soon - it's one of my favorites.

I want to try that oatmeal bread and I need to make my pumpkin muffins again soon. Thanks for kind words, and the idea to add some nuts!

Sophia said...

Those roasted veggies look amazing, roasted veggies are the best!
Your pizza looks really good. I've always wanted to try Jerusalem artichokes, they look so unique.