Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MORE zucchini, favorite vegetables

I think I might just turn into a zucchini.  My advice to you . . . if you happen to meet a farmer or gardener this time of year, and you don't want zucchini, make it a quick meeting.  :)  John has been volunteering at a farm this summer, and comes home weekly with ginormous zucchini.  Since I've already made chocolate cake, fritters, and cookies, it's time for muffins:

I used this recipe from Real Simple, with excellent results.  I did decide to use half whole-wheat pastry flour, and I can't really tell at all.  Next time, I  might use all whole-wheat flour!  I doubled the recipe, using three packed cups of well-squeezed zucchini, and ended up with 26 muffins.  Some for me, some for John, and some for my friend Dora!  I think everyone will be pleased.

Dinner last night accidentally incorporated both my favorite vegetable and John's favorite vegetable:

"Spanikopita," from The Cheese Factory Restaurant Cookbook, is one of John's favorite meals, and containing his all-time favorite vegetable -- spinach!  I don't make this recipe all that often, as it's kind of expensive, (just think . . . a pound of feta and three pounds of spinach!), but it's so dang tasty, it's worth the occasional indulgence.  :)  We enjoyed my favorite vegetable, steamed, on the side!  Delicious.

Back to work today, after a busy but fantastic three-day-weekend.


Eileen said...

Oh, zucchini--it's definitely that time of year. I may shred and blanch and freeze a bunch, actually. Love the artichoke--we had an artichoke bush when I was very very tiny, so they were actually one of my first vegetables ever!

Vic Robinson said...

Zucchini muffins are fantastic! Yours look super too! :) Oh. and I dont drink either but i think my cookie issue might have been similar. ;)