Sunday, August 05, 2012

exactly what we needed

Sometimes, I happen to glance more closely at a product's packaging, and notice a particularly tasty-looking recipe!  Enter Creole Kidney Beans and Rice, from the back of a can of kidney beans:

If you link through to the recipe, note that the original (off the back of the can) also called for a diced green pepper, and white rice, not brown.  I think that if you chose to use brown rice, you'd want to use a bit less than called for, or increase the amount of vegetable broth you add.  Either way, this was a speedy, tasty, filling, healthy, and inexpensive dinner, with a couple of leftover zucchini fritters on the side.  After a long day of hiking, this was exactly what we needed!

Hope you all had a good weekend!  We were busy, but in a good way -- on Saturday, we visited the Minnesota History Center and saw the "New Deal for Artists" and "The US-Dakota War of 1862," then walked over to the Science Museum and saw the Omni movie "The Living Sea."  After a short nap and a stop at Mississippi Market for supplies, we headed off to Fort Snelling State Park for an evening of hiking and picnic-ing.  Today, we drove far, far away to Sibley State Park for loads more hiking (more than 5 miles!) and another picnic!  It's amazing, how much mileage you can get out of a couple museum memberships and a state park yearly pass.  ;)

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Eileen said...

I forgot all about kidney beans and rice! OH MAN. Now I need to eat a batch of these pretty much immediately. Thanks for the reminder!