Sunday, November 17, 2013

The one where I make a mashed potato pizza

Don't you just love it when you take pictures of something you've made, and then a week later, realize they are still on your phone or camera?  Yeah.  Right now, I'll use the excuse that we're moving, so my mind is elsewhere.  (I haven't yet come up with a good excuse for the rest of the time this happens, though!)

Anyhow, enter, garlic mashed potato pizza:

Inspired by one of our local pizza chains that offers this "specialty" pizza on their menu, I decided to try my hand at a homemade version.  Homemade whole-wheat crust, topped with garlic mashed potatoes, green onions, diced tomato, and feta.  Carb-tastic!  (Although not the healthiest vegetable around, I do have to remind myself that potatoes are still a vegetable!)

What are your favorite pizza toppings?  Lately, I'm loving garlic-stuffed green olives.  :)


MeloMeals said...

My favorite pizza is: jalapenos, mushrooms and very thinly sliced onions with a super fresh marinara, fresh basil and lots of garlic! (and mozzarella)

Eileen said...

Hey, my pictures are almost always still on the camera a week after the fact! It's all good. :) And mashed potatoes on pizza? That sounds like a delicious & soporific treat.

Lesley Eats said...

Oh, yum, two of my favorite things. I usually just slice yukon golds for potato and pizza, but this looks divine!