Thursday, December 04, 2014

the great Christmas cookie conundrum of 2014

Every year.  (shakes her head)

Christmas 2013
WHY do I do this to myself every single year?  I get way too ambitious with my holiday baking, find way too many new recipes I want to try, and end up with a "to bake" holiday cookie list longer than my forearm.  Both a little ridiculous and a lot impractical, I need to pare the list down, STAT.

Christmas 2102
That's where you come in.

Here's what made my final cut this year ... but we're still at ten items.  I'd like to cut the list back to eight, if that's humanly possible.  ;)  I do like to keep a variety of different things on the cookie tray -- some bars, some cookies, some candies, -- of a variety of different flavors/pairings/key ingredients (like lemon, chocolate, nuts, fruit, mint, molasses, etc.)

What would you cut?  What would you keep?

Magic in the Middles
Cream Cheese Meltaways with Lemon Glaze
Sugar Cookies (with buttercream and sprinkles)
Potato Chip Cookies
Apricot-Coconut Bars
Chewy Gingersnaps
Fig and Cream Cheese Bars
Peppermint Cream Squares
Golden Vanilla Bean Caramels
English Toffee (using the recipe in the Betty Crocker Cookbook)

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Anonymous said...

I would nix the peppermint cream squares or the sugar cookies...they are kind of similar in the sugar cookie-like base with sweet frosting/topping. I know you like the sugar cookies because they are a family recipe (right? Or am I remembering wrong?) so maybe get rid of the squares? You have other bars on the list, so it won't be all cookies without them :) I wish I were there to help and sample!!