Monday, December 04, 2006

mad kitty.

Oliver does not seem to share in my enjoyment of Dan's company. He hisses, spits, gets all puffy, hides, and throws up when Dan comes over. (And Dan really likes Oliver!) Poor guy (well, poor guys!) Oliver actually sat in front of me tonight (in between Dan and I) and howled and growled as Dan was on his way out the door. Anyone have any tips for dealing with a mad, mad kitty?


Melissa said...

Do you have people over often? Logan is cool around my brother because he's here so much, but when my sister came over for the first time, he was crazy and he peed on our bean bag chair! He eventually relaxed though. I hope it works out.

Eat Peace Please said...

Oh goodness. First, if he isn't used to anyone but you, that could be the bottom line.

I have a big hunch that it could be because Oliver and Dan are both male and Oliver is territorial and showing who's man of the house. Killian welcomed Ray but was not open and lovey to him for a long time. Never mean though.

Maybe the more Dan is around, Oliver will calm down about it. Or you could figure out if Dan has a "smell" on him (does he have pets or work somewhere that smells?), Oliver may not like that.

I really think it is the male vs male thing. Has Dan tried playing with a string toy with him or something that may distract Oliver? Just some suggestions, I'm pretty puzzled too. Killian was even friendly to robbers at my old house...

funwithyourfood said...

Leslie has great advice. I would listen to that girl! :)


Anonymous said...

What if you had Dan give him some treats? Maybe start out by tossing him some from a small distance and then gradually working up to where he would feed him from his hand? Or what if Dan actually fed Oliver his food? Where Oliver could see that Dan was preparing it and Dan "gives" it to Oliver?

I also think Leslie's idea of playing with a toy would be a great ice breaker.

Crystal said...

You make me laugh. I know it's a sad situation, but it's still kinda humorous :)

I know nothing about cats, so no advice to offer.


bazu said...

I think Leslie is right- it's a boy/boy thing. I've only dealt with female kitties, who, I'm sorry, are total sluts around all males. They are not too affectionate with me, but watch them purr and rub and show belly around all male visitors. A bit embarassing.

Hopefully, Oliver will just get used to the situation in time.

What a bummer!

theONLYtania said...

Wait is Dan like.. a new beau? You just started talking about him recently. I know this is a food blog, but keep us updated girlie! Hehe.

Ohh. It was bugging me so I backtracked a few entries.. I now see the "relationship-land" business. :-P Yay! How's it going!?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Everything Leslie said & give him time! Is he neutered?

Anonymous said...

wow - I've never heard of a cat acting in such a way. Leslie has me convinced with her advise.

My kitty is the exact opposite. She loved strangers, so much in fact that she forgets I even exist when they are around.

Catherine Weber said...

Melissa, I do have people over pretty often, and Ollie's always been cool with all of my friends, whether they be male or female, or have pets or not. In fact, my friend Tony, who has two cats of his own, has cat sat for my boy on many an occasion, and Ollie's never done this!

Leslie, good ideas! I think I am going to have Dan play with Ollie every time he's here, and maybe feed him some, too. It's weird -- Ollie's never done this with anyone before! Perhaps he just knows his status as "man of the house" is in question . . . !!!

Teddy, I agree -- Leslie is too damn smart sometimes! :)

Crystal (VV), thanks for the ideas! It would work wonders if Ollie actually LIKED treats . . . picky little rat bastard. ;-)

Crystal (CC), I'm glad my mad kitty amuses you. :) Perhaps you and Ryan would like to have dinner with Dan and I sometime? We'll have to try and figure something out.

Bazu, what's really funny is, Oliver was a total slut around Dan at first -- he let Dan rub his belly and attacked his feet (to play) and was all sweet . . . and then he went to the dark side. Hmm . . . . !

Tania, it's GREAT. Thanks for asking!

Jess, I assume you are refering to Oliver, and yes, he is neutered. :)

Megan, you are lucky!

Lindsey said...

I have a cat that would get really, really pissed when my boyfriend and I would show physical affection. If we even so much as stood to close to eachother she'd start meowing and acting upset. Oliver's probably just used to having you all to himself and feels like Dan's intruding on his territory. He'll get used to it over time. As long as Dan doesn't try to force affection on him I'm sure he'll come around on his own. Good luck :)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

ha! I just read your response : )