Thursday, March 22, 2007

kitty, avocado, risotto, waffles, muffins . . .

First, the Oliver update:

I bought a bunch of new toys for Oliver at the pet store the other day, and he is in love with this catnip-filled sock. He totes it around the apartment like a security blanket, and cradles it between his paws while he sniffs and licks at it. Silly cat.

Also, while Oliver has not warmed to Dan yet, he is improving. While he does typically hide most of the time while Dan is here, Oliver has also moved towards sitting somewhat near Dan on the couch, while looking incredibly irritated, meowing in protest, and occasional hissing. I'm starting to wonder whether this is all for show!

AND NOW . . . on to the food!

Teeniest avocado pit I've ever seen:

Last night's dinner: two-mushroom risotto with a balsamic vinegar reduction drizzled over the top. YUM.

This morning's breakfast: homemade waffles (half AP flour, half whole wheat pastry flour,) with peanut butter and real maple syrup, and a side of kumquats. Dan bought these for me to try . . . and I tried them . . . and I don't much care for them. (Yet! I hear they are an acquired taste. Not giving up on the kumquats yet!)

And, last but not least . . . what to do with three nearly-black bananas? Well, make banana-oat muffins, of course!

And that's all, folks. For now, anyhow!


KleoPatra said...

That cat of yours... what a photogenic meowza... Love the toy pic, that was a great moment caught there.

Your two-mushroom risotto w/the drizzl atop is the stuff of my dreams, fYi!

The banana-oat muffins look scrumptious, and so does that waffle with one of my fave fruits - kumquats. They're like "real food" Sour Patch Kids. Love them!!

theONLYtania said...

The risotto looks yummy! Same with your waffle.. perfect! I tried to make waffles once.. failed.. never tried again. :-P
The kumquats look like little oranges.. but I guess they don't taste like them?

Kelly said...

You waffles look awesome. I am a kumquate person, but I usually eat too many an get sick.

MeloMeals said...

Oliver is such a cutie... You have to love that type of snootyness...

Love the waffle/kumquat pic...

Anonymous said...

I tried kumquats for the first time this year too! I was also not a fan...I have heard that cooking them makes them a little milder, though, so I may try that. I didn't know what to expect, and so when I first bit into one I got quite a shock! I was glad that I only bought 2 from the co-op for my first taste!

Your photos/meals look great!


bazu said...

Oliver is such a cutie! I love when cats get stoned on catnip. It's hilarious. I'm glad he's warming up to Dan. One of my cats, after years of knowing him, has suddenly decided she hates my husband! If he tries to feed her, she hisses at him and then proceeds to throw up. Great- now I can't ask him for help with the cats anymore- what gives??

Ooh, I'm going for the sweets in this post- waffles and muffins. Yum. I need breakfast desperately, even though it's almost 2 p.m.

Anonymous said...

The banana-oat muffins look amazing!

all the food looks great!

funwithyourfood said...

kitty is lookiong well! and i love it when you're suprised by extra avocado. :)

Judy said...

I love risotto so much, it is one of my favourite foods. And waffles? Those too.