Sunday, May 06, 2007

bring on the produce!

I have a horrible confession to make . . . I somehow managed to make it through all of last week with NO fresh fruit in my house, and only some lonely carrots and celery for fresh veggie options. "Blech" seems to go without saying.

I went grocery shopping today after church, and decided to pick up a bunch of veggies, fruits, greens, simple proteins, and some pita and sandwich bread, and now have an easy week of salads, sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, and other simple foods ahead of me. The weather is warming up, my allergies are making me really tired and I don't feel much like cooking these days, and I don't want to continue to rely on purchasing my lunch in the cafeteria at work.

After about an hour of slicing and dicing, I had salad veggies and a couple of fruits prepped up and ready for eating:
LEFT (top to bottom): zucchini, fennel, cucumber, radishes
MIDDLE (top to bottom, despite the opague containers: mushrooms, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes
RIGHT (top to bottom): strawberries, fresh pineapple

I also picked up a few portobello mushroom caps, cleaned and marinated them, and baked them off at 425 until juicy and delicious. Portobello mushroom and provolone sandwich on wholegrain bread:

Segue . . .

Oh, to be a cat:


Judy said...

My last week sounds a lot like yours - it feels so good to go out and get some fresh produce, doesn't it?

Cats have it made, don't they?

Unknown said...

How did you make it without fruit last week?! I couldn't do it! I've got the same stuff in my fridge right now with a cantelope waiting to be cut along with apples and pears. This is my favorite time of year food-wise.

bazu said...

That happens to me way too often- too much pantry stuff, not enough fresh stuff. I wish I had your organization, though! I'd love to open the fridge and find all those ready-made options waiting for me- way cool

Carrie™ said...

Aren't you ever so thankful later in the week when you open the fridge and all of your fruits and veggies are prepped and ready. That's time well spent I say.

Michelle said...

Awww... Oliver is too cute! :)