Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HAITI: street scenes

** Please note that the large majority of these photographs were snapped haphazardly from a speeding van. Forgive any weird angles, blurriness, or partial rear view mirrors!

Even though the traffic is frightenly horrendous, there are a few stoplights in Haiti -- and people actually pay attention to them! AND, the stoplights are solar-powered!
Check out those power lines -- no wonder the power comes and goes!
A "tap-tap" -- privately-owned, homemade taxis that basically function as city busses. All the tap-taps are painted with crazy, intricate designs on them, and many have God-themed names.
Close-up of a different tap-tap:
Across the street from the presidential palace:
One of my favorite photos:
Another favorite photo -- an artist with countless paintings for sale, wrapping around half a city block in either direction:
A view of the mountains, on our way to Kenscoff; if you look closely, you can make out some evidence of terrace farming:
The man in the red hat has a large box of pop on his head -- and is walking around selling it!
This is a large ravine, carved out by floods and mudslides, full of trash:
Another favorite photo:
People gathered at the cistern/pump/well; most folks don't have running water or electricity outside of the city:
Shopping for crafts in our alley:
The end of our alley, AKA,"mango market:"


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures, truly gorgeous.

Urban Vegan said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip. So sad that Haiti is so impoverished. We take so much for granted.

Those taxis look a lot like the trucks in India!

VeggieGirl said...

Oh my goodness, these images are exceptional - very powerful!! Looks like you had a very eye-opening experience over there.

vince said...

Great pictures! And very impresive that you are trying to help people in a very poor, volatile country.

Johanna3 said...

wow so much photos, i will be reading those post!

kindkitchen said...

Very neat pics-thanks for sharing. It seems that you are helping where help is needed the most.

funwithyourfood said...

PSH I can't believe you put a pre-cursor sorry up for these amazing pics.. I love them. Glad to see you had such a good time and got home safe!!


Catherine said...

Teddy, most of those pictures WERE taken from a speeding van (the one with all the paintings is actually quite blurry!!), but my camera is, aparently, pretty awesome!

bazu said...

these are wonderful photos. I would have loved to have had a closer look at that guy's paintings and taken a few home! (Daiku and I love collecting art from traveling)