Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm being invaded!

The 'rents and g-'rents are headed to town this weekend, to celebrate early Christmas with me, and also to attend my choir concert Sunday morning. Hence, I have been busy this week preparing for the upcoming festivities -- cleaning, baking, putting up the tree, and finishing wrapping presents. Michelle was kind enough to join me this evening to help put the finishing touches on the (non-vegan) Christmas cookies! Thank ye, Michelle!

Gingerbread dudes:

A close-up (I found the sad gingerbread dude to be particularly hilarious, for some odd reason):

Michelle, hard at work:

Me, hard at work:

Finished butter cookies with peppermint frosting and sprinkles:

And, after all of that cookie decorating we were pretty hungry! A quick dinner of couscous, broccoli, squash, and barbecued tofu:
(In fact, we were so hungry, I forgot to snap a dinner photo until we were halfway through. Oh well -- presentation isn't everything, right?)

Here's hoping, despite my busy next couple of days (a show tonight, work tomorrow and plans with Dan tomorrow night, and dress rehearsal Saturday morning,) I can manage to finish decorating the tree before they roll into town! Wish me luck! (P.S. -- Dan's meeting the fam this weekend, too.)


theONLYtania said...

Mmm the cookies look yummy.. What's the frosting made of?

Is that an apron you're wearing or just a funky shirt? Whatever, it's cute! Hehe.

bazu said...

Good luck with the Dan/fam. thing!!

And I totally agree, that sad gingerbread man is the bomb! I'm actually laughing out loud at his expression!

Catherine Weber said...

Tania, I made the frosting from (local organic) butter, powdered sugar, milk, and a splash of peppermint extract. And yes, that's my new apron! Isn't it cute?

Bazu, I'm so glad sad gingerbread dude made you laugh!

Crystal said...

Love the apron...wonder where you got it!? :) I still need to post mine.

I love gingerbread dudes - Ryan and I bought this huge one at Harrods when we lived in London and proceeded to cut off it's limbs and document it in pictures. So stupid, but so funny.

GOOD LUCK at your concert!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck at your choir concert. I really wish I was talented enough to sing. I mostly scare people when I try though. The gingerbread dudes are so cool. I think the frowny one is funny too. He's sad because he's going to get eaten. I hope the whole fam thing goes well and is non-stressful!

Anonymous said...

The cookies look great! Have fun with the family and good luck with your shows!


Dori said...

I gotta comment on the apron also. Cute and the sad cookie .... he just doesn't want to be eaten, gingerbread men are people too! Have a great time with family!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Dan/fam. meeting. very cute photos and apron!

Nikk said...

I love the sad cookie. It totally reflects my mood right now!

Good luck with everything!