Saturday, December 02, 2006

put THAT in your vegan lunchbox . . .

. . . and EAT IT!

Even though I sort of already took a picture of this food, I had to show it to you again, because leftover miso soup and a spring roll made just about the best vegan lunchbox EVER!


Miso soup, a spring roll, peanut dipping sauce, a clementine, and a few bites of Green & Black's organic super dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm.

Speaking of chocolate, I had a lesson the other day on how to taste chocolate -- it was pretty interesting! I never really realized that, like wine, chocolate has many subtle nuances hiding in its dark depths. I tasted this one bittersweet one that had strong cherry-like undertones . . . holy moly! I also tried one the other day that had a very dark, almost coffee-like bitter finish to it. Happiness.

Free high-quality chocolate tasting is just another one of the reasons why I love my job. :)


Anonymous said...

Yum! That looks like a great lunch! Is that a laptop lunch box? I am looking at lunch boxes because I want to get my brother-in-law one for Christmas. I really like the look of yours, but I am a little worried it won't hold enough food (it is hard to tell from photos)--do you find it gives you enough room to pack a lunch that will keep you going all day?


bazu said...

I remember after I saw the movie "sideways" I would go around tasting everything by "tsk tsking" it on my tongue (does that make sense?) and I was shocked how much more I could taste!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of dark chocolate. How cool you get to taste test it at work! Fun job.

How did Dan enjoy the miso soup and spring rolls?

urban vegan said...

Wow--my lunch bag just feel so inadequate now. ;)

Catherine Weber said...

Courtney, it is a Laptop Lunchbox! I find that, for me, (a 5'2" woman with a mostly vegan diet and, subsequently, a crazy-giant appetite,) that the Laptop Lunchbox generally holds enough food for me. Sometimes I toss an extra snack in my bag as a "just in case." I would guess they'd hold enough food for the average guy, (especially if you included a thermos,) unless he is super-active or something.

Bazu, I know! In general, it's amazing what you taste when you slow down and actually enjoy your food, whether it be wine, chocolate, or anything else. :)

Mary, I make my spring rolls with rehydrated rice paper. (I also don't fry them -- I prefer them fresh.)

Crystal, Dan did enjoy the miso soup and spring rolls. I guess he was so excited about spring rolls that he talked about it too much at band practice, and his bandmates were giving him a hard time (i.e., "we better hurry up and finish up here so Dan can go eat SPRING ROLLS!") Silly.

Urban Vegan, no home-packed lunch is ever inadequate -- even if you take a PBJ, banana, carrot sticks, and cookie, it's still healthier than just about anything you can purchase from a restaurant! (And remember all that money you saved, too!)

Nikk said...

I don't know what it is, but I lust after the laptop lunchbox!

I so need to make my lunches more often.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Catherine! That is good to know--I will have to order one soon!


Anonymous said...

yum! looks good.
Free high-quality chocolate tasting i envy you! ;)