Thursday, April 19, 2007

no wonder!

So, I did some math today, and figured out why I'm feeling so darn frazzled. Since Sunday, I have already worked 50 hours this week . . . after working tomorrow and tomorrow night, that will top off my week at 62.5 hours for the week.

Next month, I'm cutting back, needless to say.

In unrelated news, I have mixed feelings about the Quorn. I guess some people have had allergic reactions to it, (read the comments on my last post if you are concerned,) and although it tasted very good, my tummy did not like it very much. Possibly too much fiber, possibly too much processing, who knows. (I do not have mold allergies.) I will try Boca crumbles if I make this faux-meat loaf again in the future! Right now, I'm kind of stuck with a lot of it . . . unless Dan really likes it, it may "hit the bin." Hopefully, I can pawn it off on someone!

Off to make sushi for dinner -- hooray for nights off! I'm looking forward to some sushi, some time reading my book, and a nice, long telephone chat with Dan the Man. (I'm also looking forward to having him back in town this weekend, albeit very briefly, before three and a half more weeks of him on the road.)

Happy Almost Weekend, everybody!


Anonymous said...

62.5 hours in one week?! That is crazy--I hope you are making some good money!

Enjoy your night off!

Jen said...

Hi Catherine,
Sorry if I was too down on the Quorn! I just want people to know about its origins and potential to cause allergic responses. Quite frankly, I'd rather people eat Quorn than meat! (If you're okay with the fungus aspect, of course ;-)
Take care of yourself with that busy schedule! I hope you'll have some time for R&R soon.

KleoPatra said...

Wow, you are workin' like crazy... sort of picturing the Donna Summer song, "She Works Hard for the Money" for you right now. Glad you are cutting back. It's important to take care of yourself of course, and that includes moderation in everything! Especially stressfull stuff like jobs...

Enjoy your night off!!

Anonymous said...

wishing you a better weekend, you need to rest girl!