Sunday, July 08, 2007

busy in the kitchen

Maple-Cinnamon Granola (with flax and sesame seeds):

Udon noodles with stir-fried tofu, red peppers, pea pods, green cabbage, and broccoli, seasoned with tamari, toasted sesame oil, and rice vinegar, and garnished with sesame seeds:

No-knead bread:

Raspberry-ginger iced tea:

Black bean and walnut burger (from VT,) topped with avocado and salsa, and watermelon and coleslaw (with apples and raisins) on the side:

Dark chocolate chunk and walnut cookies (vegan, lower sugar, and whole grain, to boot!):

Pizza (homemade half wholegrain crust, a light layer of tomato sauce, mushrooms, spinach, red onion, garlic, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, mozzarella, and feta):

Not pictured: a baked sweet potato topped with black beans, salsa, broccoli, and mozzarella cheese, and a simple pasta and salad dinner.

In non-food news, I'm very happy it is no longer 100 degrees in MN. I can't guarantee the more comfortable weather will last, but I'm enjoying it for the time being. :)

Segue . . .

THE GREAT SUSHI DISASTER OF 2007: Friday, Dan and I both had the day off, and since it was hotter 'n' heck and very sunny, we decided to head to the beach. We stopped at the Wedge on our way to pick up lunch. I picked out a salad, some crackers, and a Naked juice, and Dan grabbed some sushi from the prepared food section. We paid, packed everything in my drawstring bag, and drove off to the beach. When we parked, I opened the back door to get out our bags . . . and my drawstring bag toppled to the ground! Dan's sushi landed open and face-down in a puddle in the gutter. The look on his face . . . you'd have thought someone had murdered his puppy! In the end, we split my lunch, hung out for a shorter period of time, and ate when we got back to my house. Poor Dan's sushi! (And poor, disappointed Dan!)

And, job news:

I have two interviews for teaching jobs this week. Wish me luck!


Shawn Powers said...

Hey -- good luck on the interviews! My sister recently graduated college, and is looking for a teaching position here in Michigan. The education financial situation is horrible here, so jobs are few and far in between. Hopefully things are better in your neck of the woods.

Oh, and your food photos make me hungry!!!

Julie said...

Everything looks SO good! Do you have a specific granola recipe you use?

Poor Dan :( At least he got to share with you.

Good luck with the interviews, you'll do great :]

Anonymous said...

You HAVE been busy! Everything looks amazing, though. I love the yellow watermelon--so pretty!

Keep your fingers crossed that our cooler weather will last...the weekend was pretty miserable, wasn't it?!

Good luck on your interviews! I am sure you will impress them!


bazu said...

Best of luck with your interviews this week! I hope your bad sushi karma doesn't come back to haunt you- just kidding!

Judy said...

Can I come for lunch one day? :)

Hey, everything for a reason, right? Maybe the sushi was bad and he would have gotten sick...falling in the gutter saved him. Maybe.

Jody from VegChic said...

Glad to see you back. That loaf of bread looks perfect and OMG those choc chip cookies...I wish I could grab one off the page.

Hope your interviews go well!

Anonymous said...

Could you share your chocolate chip whole grain cookie recipe?


KleoPatra said...

All the food looks incredible! Hope the weather stays mild...

BEST OF LUCK on the teaching jobs... let us know how it goes. i'm sending good thoughts your way (and so is Mattie, who thanks you for your kind words! She gives you some major tail wags, too.)...

The pizza looks outrageous. OMGosh i am so in love w/pizza. i made some with pita bread, stir fried noodles, plum tomatoes and soy cheez the other night and oh, it wasn't as good as yours here, i'm sure, but it really hit the spot. i'm drooling looking at your pizza!

And the dish with the sesame seeds... stellar, Catherine.

Anonymous said...

looks so good! i hope all went well on the teaching jobs!