Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I went grocery shopping!

I win the award for most original post title. EVER. Don't you think??

Anyhow, here's what I bought:
coconut flakes
fair-trade, organic coffee
local, organic rolled oats
local, organic whole spelt

local "queso blanco"
local feta crumbles

jar kalamata olives
can quartered artichoke hearts
organic barley flour
organic oat flour
organic fire-roasted, crushed tomatoes

organic cucumber
four organic bananas
four organic avocadoes
two organic golden kiwi
six organic lemons
two organic limes
eight organic apricots
organic eggplant
two bunches local, organic, purple kale
organic bulk mixed baby greens
organic cilantro
local, organic, cremini mushrooms
organic red bell pepper
three organic zucchini
carton local gold cherry tomatoes

organic tofu
organic 3-grain tempeh
local humus
local, organic, whole-wheat pita

37.31% of my purchases were local! Woo!

I'm going to try very hard and not let the heat get me down, at least for the time being, and cook a little this week/end. Stay tuned . . . !


Shawn Powers said...

I am HORRIBLE at picking out avocados. I always get them either waaaay too green, or half rotten.

It drives me nuts.


Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome on your "Five or Less!" Mmm avocados..

J said...

Just a few more days and my avocado fast will be over.

I love your grocery shopping load! Mmmm, all that produce! And I love that so much of it is local. Good for you! I think shopping locally and buying organic are two of the best things you can do with your money.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I love knowing what people get from the grocery store! Everything you got looks great--the produce looks fantastic! Yum...apricots...good choice!


Hungry Hungry Dancer said...

yay for food shopping!!!!
I just went too.. i get so excited!!
(hahaha only vegans would get so excited about food shopping)

Anonymous said...

I always get excited butterflys in my stomach when I enter the grocery store. So many possibilities! Your purchase looks terrific. You'll definitely be eating well for the next few days.