Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey-Free Day!

My parents decided to drive up from Milwaukee for Thanksgiving, because they were all concerned that I'd be spending the day alone. (I was okay with my original plan, but their visit gave me an excuse for an all-out cooking extravaganza! Plus, you know, nice to see them, all that.) So, we went grocery shopping Wednesday night after they got into town for some "raw materials." I provided the labor, and we had one helluva fantastic (vegan) Thanksgiving Dinner today!
Steamed green beans with lemon, Earth Balance, salt, and sliced almonds, stuffed squash (based on Urban Vegan's guidelines,) sweet potato casserole (based on a Cooking Light recipe,) corn casserole (based on a VCON recipe,) and cranberry chutney (tucked away in the freezer from two weekends ago.) Not pictured: tofu pumpkin pie for dessert!

My mom kept exclaiming how good everything was, and she wants me to send her the sweet potato and corn recipes. My dad just kept eating. :) It was a great meal!

Happy Turkey-Free Day! Hope you all enjoyed good food and good company!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Fabulous celebration for ya!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Carrie™ said...

Happy Thanksgiving Catherine. It was nice that your parents came to visit. Everything looks (and sounds) delicious!

cedrorum said...

Happy belated turkey-free day to you guys as well. We had our usual tofu triangles from vegetarian times. They are my favorite.

Bex said...

Happy Thanksgiving. That plate looks beautiful! And by beautiful I mean delicious.