Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm a hypocrite?

The kids at work have already started talking about Christmas, and my coteachers and I have been on their case . . . "let's get through Thanksgiving first, before we start talking about Christmas!!"

Well, I'm kind of a hypocrite. Why? I'm already jazzed about Christmas cookie baking. I think I've already decided which types of cookies I'm going to make this year:

Candied Hazelnut Brittle
Lemon Rosemary Butter Cookies
Mexican Chocolate Cookies
Pistachio-Cherry Sandwich Cookies (I think from the most recent issue of VT . . . can't find it on the web yet . . . they tend to dawdle in that department!)
Yummy Molasses Crackles
and, my grandma's butter cookies with peppermint frosting, of course.

I am trying for a combination of different flavors (chocolate, lemon, fruit, mint, spice, nut, etc.,) appearances (a variety of colors/textures on the cookie plate,) and a mix of fancy flavors and comfortable favorites.

What do you think?

What are your holiday baking plans this year?


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

You're not a hypocrite - just a fabulous baker!! :-D

I think ALL of those treats sound like great picks!! Go bake 'em!!

Holiday baking plans = pumpkin treats, maybe some gingerbread... I'm still thinking about it all, haha.

J said...

Those all sound fantastic! I've decided to give my (and Brett's) family baked goods baskets for Christmas, so I have been testing out some recipes for them. So far, I have only firmly decided on pumpkin based goodies, but of course, there will be chocolate and other delights as well.

Anonymous said...

Wooot for the holidays! I love them all, because they are all very good reasons to bake and eat! I'm working on holiday decorations, and am planning my Thanksgiving menu, but usually there's just a huge blitz of baking beginning the third week of November.

funwithyourfood said...

oh i'm on a cookie spree already for sure...
I don't know what i'm making but i'm sure i can come up with SOMETHING hhaha


Katy said...

Baking is definitely one of the best parts of the holidays! It's just another excuse to wow everyone with your fabulous vegan treats!

Lauren said...

The lemon-rosemary and cherry-pistachio ones caught my eye -- er, tastebuds. I'd love the sandwich-cookie recipe when you find it online. I want to make fewer but better holiday treats this year.