Friday, June 05, 2009

weekly shop & meal plan

I had sort of a strange, money-saving trip to the co-op today! It's a new quarter, so I had three member discounts to use, (a total of $7.50 off!), a birthday gift card to spend, and I was mysteriously not charged for the miso I bought. Looking over my receipt, I also noticed that the cashier majorly messed up the tare on my yellow bell peppers, and typed in ".71" instead of ".07," so I got about 1 1/2 yellow peppers for free, too!

The savings will make up for the fact that I neglected to put three items on my list, and will have to go back later this afternoon. (It's hard to make sushi without nori and sushi rice, eh? Where was my brain this morning?)

Anyhow, here's the loot:


organic raw almonds
local slivered almonds
organic shelled hemp seeds
organic, whole-wheat fusilli
organic tahini
organic shredded coconut
locally-roasted, fair-trade, organic coffee
organic quinoa
organic dried apples
organic dried cranberries

local feta

organic orange juice
local, organic blueberries
local, organic corn
organic mangoes
sweet potato fries


organic light brown sugar
Virgil's "Real Cola"
spinach and artichoke kettle chips
coconut juice w/pulp
organic marinara
Seventh Generation TP
Seventh Generation dish soap

organic carrot
organic bananas
organic avocadoes
organic nectarines
organic ginger root
local, hydroponic cucumbers
local, organic, white button mushrooms
organic red onions
organic yellow onion
organic green onions
organic yellow bell peppers
organic orange bell peppers
organic red bell peppers
local grape tomatoes
local, hydroponic slicing tomatoes
local, organic shredded cabbage package
organic fuji apples

organic white miso
organic superfirm tofu


This week's meal plan . . .

Breakfasts: muffins and/or smoothies and/or granola with almond milk
Lunches: Greek-style pasta salad or soba noodle salad

Friday dinner: egg salad sandwiches, fruit, chips, beverages, cookies (we're going on a picnic!)
Saturday dinner: "Spicoli Burgers," homemade buns, green salad, sweet potato fries
Sunday dinner: sushi and miso soup
Monday dinner: leftovers (I work late)
Tuesday dinner: black beans and "Yellow Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa, Corn, and Feta Cheese"
Wednesday dinner: leftovers (I work late again)
Thursday dinner: leftovers or takeout, depending on what's in the house ('cause we'll be too busy packing for vacation to cook!)


So, how do you feel when you are undercharged/given an accidental "freebie" from a store? Guilt? Excitement? A bit of both?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I would say it would be a tad bit difficult to make sushi without rice and nori, lol!

That is a lot of peppers! I see stuffed peppers on your meal plan...are you stuffing peppers with more peppers?!