Friday, September 11, 2009

guest blogger -- Dan can cook!

Yep, I cooked this scrumptious meal tonight and I must say, it was delish! When I lived alone, this was a weekly routine. The wok is my friend. Crumble up the tempeh and add tons of garlic and onions and then throw'er in the wok and add some carrots, eggplant, red peppers and last but not least, broccoli! Yay!


This is me cutting broccoli and my new buzzcut. I'm ready to join the Marines! Yeah! I have a big knife too and it works a lot better then the butter knife that I used to use at my old place.


So I took a picture like Catherine does but it turned out blurry. We didn't know that until we were finished eating. So Catherine took another picture; the leftovers were ever so gloriously and beautifully placed by moi in a Minnesota made state-of-the-art tupperware container. So there you go. I cooked and I'm the housewife as of late because I also mopped the floor and licked the bathroom sink clean with my tongue. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of general kitchen time mayhem.


Anonymous said...

Haha--the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was--Dan got a haircut! It looks nice :-)

Nice job on the dinner--I am sure Catherine appreciated it!


Vic Robinson said...

Nothing boring about a stir-fry. Got to enjoy the classics!

Crystal said...

Yay Dan! Great job at making meals too.