Sunday, September 13, 2009

super Catherine!

Let me tell you, I deserve this title today. I have no pictures for you, (and you'll see why in a second,) but, I've accomplished SO much today! In addition to attending church and going for a mid-afternoon hike with Dan, I've accomplished the following cooking/baking projects:

roasted potatoes, poached eggs, and greens for breakfast
zucchini bread
sandwich bread
the base for some veggie burgers we'll eat later in the week
beans and rice (which I'm having for dinner -- yum!)
steamed beets
pasta sauce

We've also done four loads of laundry, and washed mountains of dishes. I've barely had time to eat today, let alone snap pictures, but never fear! They'll show up in meal form later in the week. :)

I'm feeling much better about this coming week, now that I've accomplished all of this. Hope you had a productive and/or relaxing Sunday!


Liz said...

You're amazing!!!

Jen Westpfahl said...

Do you make house calls? ;)