Saturday, November 07, 2009

finishing up the shopping

I met up with my friend Courtney this morning, and finished up the weekly shopping. First, we hit up the Farmer's Market:

A smaller load this week, running only $15, but I still got tons of good stuff! Bell peppers (!), green onions, yellow onions, garlic, salsa, beets, and brussels sprouts! Yum all around.

After the FM, we made the long walk to the Asian grocery store:

Coconut milk, tofu, ginger candies, and persimmons! I'm very excited persimmons are in season right now, but no one is more excited than Courtney. :) She buys them a case at a time!!

I plan to get a head start on my cooking projects today, since Dan's MIA all day long -- super rockstar that he is, he's recording until 10 PM. More later!


Crystal said...

What do you do with your persimmons? I was told to let them get really soft and jiggly and then eat them, but my friend says to eat them before then. I'm confused!

Btw: On your other post - I don't care for millet either.

Vic Robinson said...

brussel sprouts!!!!!!!