Friday, November 06, 2009

return to the kitchen

I haven't cooked since Monday night! (Really, unless you count serving soup out of the Crock Pot and making quesadillas cooking, I haven't cooked since Sunday.) Egad! I guess I did bake Monday night, (muffins and granola,) but still . . . the moral of the story is, it was good to get back into my kitchen tonight. Dinner:

Millet-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, from Vegetarian Times, with a side of garlicky, balsamic-vinegary kale. I really don't care for millet, but I enjoy it in this recipe for some odd reason. Good thing, because it's damn tasty! Dan almost considered a second mushroom half, but restrained himself.

I think he was saving room, because he convinced me to go for a walk with him, promising me an ice cream cone at the end of our travels! We started our walk at the co-op, since Dan wanted to pick up some tea and we needed groceries anyway:

local, organic, whole-wheat pastry flour
local, organic rolled oats
locally-roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee

local part-skim mozzarella
sharp cheddar

organic paprika from a local company

baking soda
organic tomato sauce
whole-wheat panko
Seventh Generation dish soap

organic bananas
organic white button mushrooms
local hydroponic lettuce

local, organic plain yogurt
local, organic eggs

I have plans to hit the Farmer's Market and Asian grocery store tomorrow, to pick up a few additional things.

In the end, the ice cream cone was worth the effort put in to obtaining it! Pumpkin ice cream is a good, good thing.

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