Saturday, May 21, 2011

Far-Mar love in the rain; Uptown Cafeteria is good

Today was mostly gross, rainy, and humid . . . didn't stop me from going to the Farmer's Market, though! I bought . . .

A gorgeous bunch of mixed tulips:

(Please ignore my very-amateur flower-arranging skills!)

Fresh herbs!

Parsley, thyme, and chives this week

Local asparagus!

I picked up two pounds of mixed green and purple asparagus for $11. Worth every penny, if you ask me!

AND, local rhubarb and nonlocal strawberries:

Bet you know what I'm going to use these for!

I met up with my friend Ann after the Farmer's Market, and she and I spent a little time running around, shopping, and dropping off a few things for recycling at Best Buy. (Did you know Best Buy takes old electronics for recycling for free/minimal fee?) After all of that shopping, we were hungry!

Ann, her sister Katie, and I headed over to the Uptown Cafeteria for lunch. I enjoyed the black bean burger with a side of excellent fries (and don't forget that pickle!) and split a banana malt with Ann for a delicious treat. A solid, satisfying meal, if not a bit overpriced. ($20, including tip, for the sandwich and full malt -- I treated Ann, since she drove us around all morning!)

I'm not sure what I think about the Uptown Cafeteria . . . like all of the Parasole restaurants I've visited, they are all . . . good. Strangely, I'm never bowled over, and leave with mixed feelings on my dining experience. (I feel horrible admitting this, but I think I could have made a better black bean burger at home, although the sunflower sprouts were a nice touch, and the burger definitely needed a slice of pepper Jack; the fries, however, were excellent! Fries can't carry a meal, though, ya know?) My main complaint is that, overall, the food seems overpriced from this local pile of "unchained chain" restaurants. Maybe that's what the Parasole family of restaurants is good at -- being, well, good? Lots of folks I know rave over any of the "family" they have visited, and I wonder . . . what am I missing? Maybe Parasole chefs don't pay much attention to vegetarian food, and that's why I haven't been wowwed? Any locals care to weigh in on this one?

Both Ann and Katie raved about their meals -- Ann loved the mac and cheese, (and it looked REALLY creamy and good, although filled with bacon, sadly,) and Katie said her Jerk chicken sandwich was nice and moist. Maybe it is just the veg options?

Anyhow, I better scoot -- couple of friends coming over tonight for dinner and board games! Time to make some food!

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Cielo y Miel said...

I totally agree with you. Parasole does good, not great. There are a few exceptions to the rule at Salut and The Good Earth and none of those are vegan.