Friday, May 27, 2011

meet my new place!

I went over to do a final walk-through and pick up keys for my new apartment tonight . . . wahoo!!!! I decided it was finally time to take a few pictures and show you all what my new place looks like, sans furniture or stuff of any kind. :)

(I promise I'll take more pictures once I'm all moved in.)

Here's the "grand tour" . . .


There is no coat closet, (the apartment's only drawback,) so those hooks installed behind the door are going to come in handy!

Living Room:

Decent-sized, with two nice windows and a ceiling fan!


This might be one of the most exciting features of this apartment . . .!!

Dining room alcove:

Yes, it's slightly weird, having the fridge in the dining room, but heck -- at least it's a full-sized fridge! I won't know what to do with all that space!


More kitchen:

I am IN LOVE with the built-ins, (especially the broom closet, for some odd reason,) and the huge, old sink. I plan to purchase a tiny microwave cart to slip in next to the stove, in order to increase counter space. :)


Nothing too special, but at least there's a window!


A bit on the small side, but it's long and narrow, so the space can be used efficiently, I think!


Yesssssss . . . there are built-in drawers in the closet, too! I'm going to have amazing storage space!

What do you think is the best part about my new place? What do you like best about your place?


Liz said...

Ooh! Love that kitchen sink and all those shelves! This place looks really great, Catherine. And that alcove with the fridge looks pretty roomy, too. You could do all sorts of good stuff with that space!

Eileen said...

I heart that built-in dish drainer in the sink! & yay new apartment! (We're moving into our own new rental soon, so this is like double the excitement for me. :) )

Anonymous said...

I like the charm and personality of your new place. It will be so easy to personalize.

My favorite thing about our current house is the abundance of natural light. I'm home all day, so I love having real sunlight all throughout the house.