Sunday, June 05, 2011

sigh. (Please send me recipes.)

It hasn't been a very good morning so far, and it's only 8 AM. Sigh.

As I was trying to sleep past 6:00 this morning, I heard some rustling in the closet . . . and then my worst fears were confirmed. Oliver had peed all over the stack of boxes and bags that I have already packed. (He has been trying to do this for weeks; his way of showing me that he's nervous about what's going on, I guess?) Let's just say that was a . . . MESS. After removing all of the pee crap, cleaning everything up, running a load of laundry, etc., I'm now sitting down on the couch just after 8, with a cup of coffee.

Did I mention that one box of stuff was completely ruined? And did I mention that it was my box of recipe binders? Six binders of recipes that I've saved from magazines/websites/personal trial and error/etc.? Part of me is so mad I don't know where to begin, part of me is just sad. That's a lot of time and energy lost to the pee. If you have any good recipes of your own you think I should have, please email them to me! I lost everything! (Links to favorites are also welcome!)

Thankfully all of my cookbooks are fine. But honestly, cookbooks would have been easier to replace.

And did I mention that in all of the chaos, I now can't find my coin purse of laundry quarters? I'm worried I left them in the laundry room and someone stole them, and I had nearly two rolls of quarters in the coin purse. Now I have a load of wet clothes and blankets that are going to stay wet until I can get to the bank.

What else?

Well, did I mention that my thoughts on Dan being back were premature? I guess he's not. And probably won't be. I'm trying really hard to keep the drama out of the blog, but let's just say it hasn't been the best couple of days.

One more week of this chaos, folks -- I move next weekend, and then life can maybe return to normal?? Maybe??



radioactivegan said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry about your cat. He needs better ways to relay his concerns

One of my favorite magazine recipes is for Thanksgiving, and you can find it online here:

I have a great pizza dough recipe that I can email you, if you'd like it. It's a pass-down from a good friend of mine, and it's pretty much foolproof!

Eileen said...

That sounds super frustrating. I can send you all my recipe bookmarks in email, if you want! I haven't tried anything like All of them, but they certainly sound good. :)