Thursday, January 26, 2012

MORE tea.

Anyone who knows me well knows I need more tea like I need a hole in the head.

But, I just couldn't help myself . . .

I took it upon myself to try all three teas immediately, so I could provide you with a review. You know, taking one for the team and all. :)

Coconut Cocoa: This tea has a strong coconut flavor, with a subtle chocolatey-ness hiding in the background. I like this one quite a bit, but I would expect that if you weren't a huge fan of coconut, this wouldn't be a hit with you.

Red Velvet Chocolate: This is my least favorite of the three. Don't get me wrong -- it's a nice, quality, vanilla-y rooibos. But this fancy canister of tea doesn't taste much different than the ordinary vanilla rooibos I have on hand. A subtle chocolate aroma, but no detectable chocolate flavor, in my opinion. Bummer.

Peppermint Chocolate: This is excellent! Kind of tastes like an Andes mint, but not sweet, obviously. I might try this one again later with a bit of sugar, to see if it gets even better. :) P.S. This cup of tea was excellent with a teensie handful of white chocolate chips on the side . . . :)

My co-op doesn't seem to carry the Strawberry or Banana Chocolate teas . . . anyone out there tried either? Both sound amazing to me!

Do you impulse buy tea? Any other silly grocery impulse buys you care to confess?


Anonymous said...

Peppermint chocolate tea?! Sign me up!


Ali said...

I have decided to become a tea drinker this winter! So, now I obsessively buy a new box of Yogi tea every time I go to the grocery store. My other favorite is Get Happy in a bright orange can (peach flavored). This habit is getting expensive!

Michelle said...

I impulse buy tea ALL the time! But, in the winter, I drink 3-4 cups a day, so I go through it pretty fast. I'm a huge coconut fan, so I may have to look for that first one.