Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"don't take any of the brown ones"

Dinner last night was a team effort -- John came over after finishing a job on my side of town, (he lives in St. Paul,) and we made:

Black Bean and Chipotle Soup

(Topped with cilantro, diced avocado, and sour cream,)

And Buttermilk Cornbread:

(Note that I was worried about the 2/3 cup sugar called for in this recipe . . . but it wasn't too much, surprisingly. Balanced out the tanginess of the buttermilk nicely! Mmm.)

I made the cornbread, John chopped all of the veggies for the soup, and then we had to "hurry up and wait," as is the norm with soup. As we were dishing up our bowls and I was digging into the avocado, John said, "don't take any of the brown ones!" (It wasn't the best avocado; tasty, but visually a little unappealing.) I looked at him strangely and he continued, "don't you have to take a picture? Only take the pretty pieces." Well, okay then! :)

So let's see, here . . . he's a vegetarian, he does dishes, AND he's supportive of my slightly odd pre-meal photo-taking/post-meal blogging? I think he's a keeper. ;)


Anonymous said...

he definitely sounds like a keeper! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! It sounds like you and John are doing well :-) I hope you got outside yesterday too to enjoy the gorgeous weather!

johana said...

yep! sound like a perfect match for you, im so happy for you.