Saturday, June 09, 2012

More kale!

Lately, we can't seem to get enough kale, so I keep searching for and trying new kale salad recipes. Dinner tonight was pretty incredible, if I do say so myself ... Kale, Apple, and Tempeh Salad (using this recipe for the tempeh,) with Wedge bakery bread and olive oil for dipping on the side. Vegetables sure do require a lot of chewing, but they are so worth it! Delicious, healthy, light, yet filling; a perfect summer dinner for hot, humid weather! (P.S. about half the kale we harvested from our garden this morning!)


Eileen said...

KALE! And kale with tempeh, too--perfect. That maple-chipotle glaze sounds stellar. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your garden kale! What kind did you plant? Curly or dino? Or both?

Catherine Weber said...

Eileen, it was an incredible meal! I can see the tempeh making frequent appearances at my house. :)

Courtney, we planted dino kale -- it's so cute when it comes up all tiny!