Monday, September 03, 2012

daily bread

Lately, I've been rocking more and more homemade items in my kitchen, and have been back into the habit of making sandwich bread.  I have been loving this recipe from Cooking Light for "Irish Oatmeal Bread."

Although the recipe is slightly more complex than the average yeasted loaf, the extra time spent soaking the steel-cut oats for 30 minutes is well worth it!  The loaves are dense and substantial, but still soft enough to use for sandwiches.  (P.S. Amazing toast.)  I have also found that this bread lasts well through the week, not going as hard and stale as many homemade loaves I've tried in the past.  The recipe yields two 9-inch or three 8-inch loaves, and I highly recommend making the entire batch and freezing your leftovers -- either unbaked, well-wrapped lumps of dough, to be thawed, left to rise, and baked at a later date, or well-wrapped, fully-baked loaves.  Either way, you're saving yourself tons of prep in the future!

Do you make your own bread?  What do you look for in a homemade loaf of sandwich bread?

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Eileen said...

I should really make bread more often! As it happens, I have a friend with a sourdough starter, and I get her second loafs a reasonable amount of the time. But I should clearly be making my own the rest of the time!