Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the "me" plan

We all fall into those "slumps" or "ruts" periodically, when we get a little bit lazy and stop taking the best care of ourselves.  I can't quite explain why I'm having a slump these days, but suffice to say, it's been strong and persistent for months.

How do I know I'm in a slump?  My energy is low, my back hurts, I have had persistent headaches, and my pants are fitting a little too tightly these days.  No time like the present to get back to old, better habits, if I do say so myself!

The "me" plan:

1. More yoga.  (I have fallen out of the habit, and since I am not getting much exercise these days, I definitely need to be doing more.  This will also help my back and headaches, as my new health insurance doesn't really cover chiropractic care.  Hopefully, John and I can start doing some yoga together, as I know he would benefit from more stretching as well!)

2. More veggies.  More whole grains.  I'm eating plenty of fruit and healthy protein these days, so I'll keep that up.

3. WAY less sugar.  Less processed food.  Less white flour.  (Well, except for Christmas cookies.  But I HAVE to start cutting out the junk that I have been eating at work!)

4. More sleep.

5. More water!  (I get really busy at work, and definitely don't drink enough.)  Less garbage coffee (Folgers!  Ugh!) at work.  (I think I'll bring a box of green tea to keep in the classroom -- that should help!)

6. Get into the habit of taking my vitamins daily, and flossing daily.  Two little things that make a big impact on my health!

So, how did I do today?  Well . . . I managed 20 minutes of yoga tonight.  I'll take my vitamins and floss in a little while.  And I'll update tomorrow, perhaps!

How do you know you are in a "slump?"  What sorts of things would be on your "me" plan?


Anonymous said...

Oh it happens to a lot of people this time of year, especially in MN!! I have been taking Vitamin D supplements and also planning to do more yoga - Corepower is expensive, but sooo worth it!

Anonymous said...

i can tell when I'm not at my optimal when my sleep isn't deep, my energy gets low and I get indigestion. My plan is more vitamin d, more regular exercise and yoga (I've been a bit lazy lately) and more outside time. I find i really need the fresh air and outdoors even if its a 20 min walk outside every night after supper.