Monday, December 03, 2012

soup and bread

If you ask me, one of the best, simplest suppers around, especially during the fall and winter, would be soup and bread.  Soup and bread is one of those meals that can be virtuously healthy or rich and comforting, depending on your particular soup and bread chosen, and always yields plenty of leftovers for midweek lunches.  :)

Sunday, I chose a virtuously healthy soup, and paired it with a rich and comforting muffin for, in my opinion, a nicely balanced supper.  :)

Smoky Split Pea Soup, from Vegetarian Times:

I love the sweet-spiciness of this soup, and also that I was able to use up quite a few pantry ingredients!  My split peas were likely past their prime, so they didn't soften as much as I would have liked them to, but the soup was still excellent.  We had our fill on Sunday night, and then ended up with enough soup leftover for four lunches this week.  Score.

On the side, Cheese Muffins, from The Pioneer Woman:

Admittedly, I've never made this recipe as written.  The original recipe calls for THREE CUPS of shredded colby-jack cheese.  Part of me just can't handle adding that much cheese to a muffin recipe, part of me just can't afford to add that much cheese to a muffin recipe.  :)  So, I cut the cheese down to 2 cups (still decadent,) use a more assertive cheese (usually sharp cheddar,) and add a cup of thinly sliced green onions.  Deeeeeeelicious!

What is your favorite soup and bread combination?

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Eileen said...

Soup and bread--YES. I am with you on the Pioneer Woman recipes--they're all so over-full of dairy! It's tough, because they also usually sound really good. My favorite soup and bread combination might actually be toasted corn tortillas with homemade chili. Tortillas are bread! I live in California! :)