Thursday, January 03, 2013

delayed soup

Here's that meal of wild rice soup and popovers I had planned for New Year's Eve!  A day late, but definitely not short at all.  :)

Wild Rice Soup is a Minnesota thing, but I frequently can't enjoy it, as it almost always contains chicken.  I use this recipe as a base, adding a bunch more veggies, (using a full cup each of carrot, onion, and celery, plus three cups of mushrooms,) extra rice, and sometimes cubed seitan.  With these changes, and simply swapping in vegetable broth, you get a thick, rich, veggie-packed wild rice soup that I'd bet most omnivores would happily devour, never noticing the absence of chicken!

On the side . . .

My popovers "popped over," but then they deflated a little.  Hmm.  They still tasted good, just weren't nearly as impressive as they could have been.  Anyone have thoughts on why this could have happened?

What are your family's New Year's traditions?

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