Monday, January 14, 2013

quiche to the rescue!

In the past, I never much cared for eggs.  I've grown to "accept" them over the years, and eat them frequently now, as John loves eggs.

Quiche may be one of my new favorite recipes -- it's relatively simple to prepare, protein-rich, easily customizable (clean out that veggie drawer!), and while it makes a delicious supper, it makes an even better work lunch in leftover form!

I really enjoy Real Simple's recipe for Basic Quiche, finding it adapts very easily to whatever ingredients I have on hand.  This time 'round, I subbed whole milk for the half-and-half, and added 2 cups of chopped broccoli.  I can't wait for lunch today!

Must have been good, as John took a picture of his clean plate:


I'm planning on disappearing from the blog for a bit, folks.  John and I have done practically NOTHING besides plan our wedding these past couple of weeks, as we are wanting a short engagement and our wedding date is fast approaching!  We'll keep eating heathy foods, of course, just likely simpler, not necessarily "blog-worthy" meals.  :)  See you soon!

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Eileen said...

Yay for quiche, and for wedding planning too! It's like having a second unpaid job, isn't it? Stay calm and it'll all work out!