Thursday, June 20, 2013


Continuing with my foray into yeast breads, I made some fantastic burger buns last weekend!  I used this recipe for "Light Brioche Burger Buns" as my starting point, and well, I just have to say . . . brioche buns are where it's AT.

I didn't follow the recipe exactly as written, of course -- is anyone else, like me, incapable of doing that?  :)  I made the following changes:

1. subbed 1 1/2 cups whole-wheat bread flour for the white bread flour
2. melted the butter and added it to the liquid ingredients, instead of rubbing it into the flour
3. used buttermilk instead of milk

and I would make the following change in the future:

4. using 3 ounces of dough (instead of 4) per bun, yielding more, smaller buns

(I tend to find that, in general, more, smaller yields out of single-serving bread products works better for me.  Does anyone else find that most bagels, English muffins, rolls, buns, etc. are too large?)

Since we enjoy a lot of veggie burgers at our house, (they are an easy make-ahead meal, as I can make the base over the weekend and fry up a couple of patties for dinner on our busy weeknights, and because John loves them,) I see these buns becoming a mainstay in my freezer.


I've recently pulled back from blogging even more -- have you noticed?  I'm not exactly sure why, except that I don't feel like I have much new to say these days.  I still enjoy cooking as much as ever, and still take pictures of my meals, I just post them to Facebook lately.  Please "friend" me if you want to see what we've been eating!  (And growing!  Our garden is expansive this year -- so much fun!)  I'll still blog occasionally when I feel like I have something new and exciting to share, and I may return to blogging more frequently again in the future, but for now, I'm scaling back.  :)  See you!


Victoria said...

I love those buns! And yes, I agree about the size. I usually try to get a dozen out of the recipe. If you make only 8, they're huge!

Courtney said...

Those buns look amazing, Catherine! And I have to disagree...homemade baked goods are never too big :-)


CQUEK said...

Oh MY yes!

Carrie™ said...

I also have been finding buns too large. Even some bread. Some brands seem to make the slices too thick and when I have a sandwich it's just way too much. We've taken to eating a lot of wraps. I also tend to buy "thin buns" now. I don't know if they've taken off in the US but here they are a hit.
I quit blogging for a while, but ended up starting again. It's sometimes hard to squeeze in the time and try and think of things to blog about. I will still check to see what you've got up. I also sent you a friend request :o)

Catherine Weber said...

Carrie, I think we do have "thin buns" in the US -- I think they are marketed as "sandwich thins." We tried some once . . . they were dry as toast, but maybe it was just the brand. Oh well!

I'm going to continue reading blogs, and will "see" you on FB, too!