Thursday, June 05, 2014

Salad of Randomness

Yes ... we've all made a Salad of Randomness before.  And I'm sure we can all agree they are always good, right?  :)  Nobody really needs a recipe for Salad of Randomness ... why blog about it, you ask?  Well, I think we foodies need to remember that sometimes it's okay to just throw a bunch of food in a bowl and call it supper.  (I know I need that reminder from time to time!)

Salad of Randomness

Greens (mesclun, mixed leaf lettuces, romaine, spinach, arugula, finely shredded kale, etc.)
Vegetables (anything raw or lightly steamed that you have on hand -- clean out the crisper!)
Fruits (fresh or dried, if you like a little sweet with your salty)
Protein (beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan, hard-boiled egg, cheese, mock meats -- again, clean out your fridge!)
Dressing (oil and vinegar, something deliciously homemade, or whatever bottled dressing you like)
Crunchy toppings (nuts, seeds, coconut bacon, croutons, etc.)
Other good stuff (olives, capers, etc.)

Throw all of your salad ingredients in a bowl.  (Or artfully arrange them.  You choose.)  Eat!

For supper tonight, I enjoyed a Salad of Randomness containing mixed red and green lettuces (from the farmer's market,) radishes (also from the farmer's market,) cucumber, carrot, leftover steamed asparagus (FM again,) Craisins, toasted sliced almonds, half a breaded mock-chicken patty, a drizzle of poppyseed dressing, a little coconut bacon, and a few croutons.  Colorful, healthy, filling, and delicious!

If you were to make a Salad of Randomness right now, what would be in it?

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Cathleen said...

I love this! I should really stop looking at food blogs at midnight... I am so hungry