Monday, January 15, 2007


Enough of this popcorn-for-dinner nonsense. (Not that I don't love popcorn . . . .) I (finally) have a day off tomorrow, and I'm co-op bound, with the following list:

red pepper
sweet potato
red onion
yellow onion
yukon golds
swiss chard
pine nuts
eggs (gasp! local, cage-free, and organic, of course.)
dish soap
trash bags
canned chickpeas
fire-roasted canned tomatoes
white vinegar
extra-virgin olive oil
curry powder
mustard seeds
dried rosemary
dried oregano
ground coriander
xtra sharp cheddar (gasp again! local, free-range, organic, and made with veggie rennet, of course.)
sandwich bread

Because, I have the following recipes to make this week:

tomato-basil soup (with grilled cheese sandwiches)
apple pie (!!!!!)
swiss chard with chickpeas and couscous (who knew "Real Simple" magazine was a good place to find a vegan recipe or two?)
roasted tofu and veggies
mashed potatoes with PUNK ROCK CHICKPEA GRAVY (I've never made this before . . . I think I'm excited! I should be excited, right?)

I also still have a mountain o' beans and rice to plow my way through. And I'm going to make homemade tortillas -- I think the beans and rice will go down easier when wrapped in warm, homemade corn tortillas. Plus, I might make egg salad.

Watch for photos . . . .


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

i think one could put just about anything inside warm, homemade corn tortillas and it would taste fabulous! looking forward to that & the punk rock gravy -- you should definately be excited! :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got quite the week planned! Homemade corn tortillas really rock my world. Mmmmm! Especially warm.

Honestly, (and I might be the sole dissenter) I didn't like the punk rock chickpea gravy that much. It was ok. But it's nothing like gravy. The chickpeas kind of gave it a weird grainy texture. My fav gravy is the Mighty Miso Gravy in How it all Vegan.

Michelle said...

i liked the punk rock gravy, but i do prefer mushroom gravy.

Crystal said...

I'm watching for photos :) I totally want to try the punk rock chickpea gravy too someday when I buy potatoes.

Yay for shopping!!


theONLYtania said...

That is a monumental shopping list! Haha, good luck.
Oh yeah.. and definitely be excited about the chickpea gravy, it's so good!

Anonymous said...

You'll have to let us know how the chickpea gravy turns out--I have been meaning to try it for a while now. I know I am a geek, but I love grocery shopping!! I hope that you had a great day off and that the co-op was fun!


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog and even though I am not a vegetarian I commend you on your thoughtful recipes and super fresh ingredients. Way to go. from food critic in dc