Sunday, September 03, 2006

a little something for everyone

Follows is a little shopping, a little cooking, a little sugar, and a little yoga . . .


Michelle, Christine, and I had a VERY long shopping adventure today -- we went to the "Black Hole of Death" (aka, the Mall of America,) to go to H&M so Michelle could spend her 50% off coupons (she's an employee,) and then stopped at the petite department at Macy's again. We also went to IKEA so Michelle could look at CD towers and Christine could look at fabric, searched for the Unique Thrift Store (which was closed) and the Salvation Army Target Dollar Basement (which was also closed.) We then ended at Super Target, because they both needed groceries. I bought some sweaters!!!
Top row: green cable v-neck and brown cardigan v-neck, both from Macy's. Bottom row: pink stripey sweater, crazy Cosby-style cardigan sweater (both from H&M), and blue and grey argyle cardigan v-neck (from Target.)
I am now officially done shopping for fall clothes. I promise.


Here's what I had for dinner tonight:
Quesadilla made with homemade refried black beans, spinach, mushrooms, and a little soy cheddar. Soy sour cream and Muir Glen organic salsa for dipping, and mango slices on the side. Yum!


This is a two-part note . . .
First, I made another tofu pumpkin pie. I really, really, really like pumpkin pie.
Second, this is my other new favorite dessert lately:
Coconut popsicles! As far as I can tell, the base is made from coconut milk, water, and sugar, and there is raw flaked coconut frozen inside the bars. I have loved coconut my entire life, and can't ever seem to get enough of it, since it is an odd flavor and many do not care for it. These popsicles are like coconut explosions! I found them at my co-op, and the brand is "Natural Choice Full of Fruit Organics." If you love coconut, search out and devour these popsicles!
P.S. Oliver could care less about coconut popsicles, as you can plainly see. :)


I am going to spend my time "off" working on many things; one of them, hopefully, will be developing yoga into a habit. I plan on doing a 10-minute AM stretch DVD, rotating one of four "workout" DVDs, and one 10-minute PM stretch DVD every day. I will report on my progress! Assume I did the AM/PM stuff every day; repeating that could get redundant, right? Tonight, I did a 45-minute Gaiam video, "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss."


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, good tip about the Coconut popsicles. I'm walkin' to Mississippi Market tomorrow to hunt for them! I used to love Edy's WholeFruit coconut sorbet but haven't been able to find it in my regular grocery stores for weeks now ... worries me.

funwithyourfood said...

I am also obsessed with coconut. hmm I want to MAKE these. I have popsicle holders. I could!

Great idea thanks :)


Carrie™ said...

Catherine, I'm am such a sweater lover, you have no idea. I think that's why I like winter so much. All of the sweaters you bought are gorgeous! GORGEOUS!!

Your dinner of quesadillas looks and sounds really, really good! I like coconut! Coconut popsicle-type treats. Mmmmm! There is a top 5 tag list going around. I didn't tag you because I saw your name on someone else's list. You should do it and put coconut on your list.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love coconut too. I add it to almost every dessert (and lots of non-desserts also). I think it sounds pretty easy to make. I just might give it a try as soon as I can locate my popsicle molds.

How you doing on our Diet Coke challenge? I almost blew it at a restaurant a couple of days ago but I was good and just had water.