Tuesday, September 05, 2006

yoga update

Last night, I was so tired after being at the State Fair all day that I decided to just do the 10-minute PM yoga. (So I cheated a little. But I still did a little yoga, right?) So, tonight I did "Yoga Now 30-minute Core Workout."

"Yoga Now" is a little weird. It's a combination of yoga and aerobics; nice in some respects because you get your heart rate up more than with traditional yoga, but less relaxing, in my opinion. Hm. I'll have to do it a few more times and let you know what my final verdict is.

I did manage a little more exercise this morning, too -- I walked to do quite a few errands, and also did many stairs in my building while working on the laundry. :) Amazing how those everyday things can add up to a whole workout, eh?

(P.S. Michelle and I finally made it to the "dollar basement" of the Salvation Army tonight. It was pretty scuzzy, but I managed to pick up a few plates for 50 cents each for some prettier photo styling for the blog/cookbook. White plates don't make for the best photos -- I think they tend to overexpose my pictures a little bit! Time for a little something different.)

(P.P.S. I updated my resume and applied for one job today. More work on that front tomorrow.)


Harmonia said...

I so needed a YOGA update to keep me inspired! :) Thanks! I have been setting the DVDs aside and getting the magazines out to help with ideas...I will refer back to the DVDs soon!

Crystal said...

Good luck with the yoga routine! I'm not good with doing it on my own, I need a class to get my butt moving.

Also, best of luck on the job search. If you were a computer programmer, I'd be able to help. Maybe in my next recruiting job I can be of more help :) (wish me luck searching too!)

Catherine Weber said...

Harmonia, which yoga magazines do you like best? I've only ever used DVDs -- I guess I'm not quite confident enough in my yoga abilities to design my own routines.

Crystal, I wish I could afford yoga classes! I think they would be much more fun (and effective, with an instructor there to push you and show you ways to adjust your poses) than doing DVDs in my apartment. :) Good luck with your job search, too! Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new job.

My only exercise is the "little everyday things", plus a bit of yoga (aka, laying on the floor with Killian). I commend you for being able to follow a tape.

funwithyourfood said...

New job! I'm excited for you- Good luck


Anonymous said...

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Crystal said...

Catherine - thanks for the support! As far as the classes go, I do them at the YMCA (free with my membership), but then again, you'd have to pay for a membership. I love the Y, but it would be great to go to a class where the instructor was more hands on in helping.

Again, good luck!!


Anonymous said...

yoga, i must try it someday!