Friday, August 10, 2007

keyboards rock.

I have a new keyboard with a functioning spacebar!

Keyboards rock. (And my property tax return rocks, too!)

Will be posting more sometime soon, but right now, I have to go do the dishes, so I can finish making bread. Why did I think that making bread at midnight was a good idea? Sheesh. ;-)


Shawn Powers said...

We'll soon be expecting some spacey posts!

(Yeah, terrible pun, but hey, it's early...)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you got a new keyboard--it must have been so frustrating without a space bar!

You are baking in this heat?! Even at midnight--it just doesn't seem to ever cool down in my apt...I hope your bread turned out well!


Catherine Weber said...

Har, har, har, Shawn. Very punny!

Courtney, I know. I'm crazy. I was also out of bread . . . but I had flour in the house! You'll be pleased to know that I went grocery shopping this afternoon and bought almost all "cold" food -- ingredients for salads, bowls of cereal, and smoothies, mostly. I'm going to have to boil water for pasta, though! (And probably rice, too!)

Anonymous said...

Yay for cold foods! The stove is better than the oven, at least...and you DO have to eat, after all!