Sunday, February 17, 2008

Megan's links!

No, not web links . . . breakfast links! I made Megan the Vegan's breakfast links today! I have seen many people exploring the recipe posted at Everyday Dish, and I had to try it. Not a lover of seitan, Megan's adaptation appealed to me the most, since she boosted the seitan with tofu and panko, to soften the typically chewy "wheat-meat" texture. Plus, I really loved breakfast sausages, (one of the only meats I miss,) and haven't found an adequate veggie replacement yet.

First, I made the sausage mixture:
Kind of freaked me out by how much it looked like actual raw bulk sausage. But I kept cooking, knowing something awesome would greet me later!

Formed the sausages and wrapped them, per Megan's instructions:
I found the mixture easier to just pat into shape, as opposed to rolling.

After steaming for 30 minutes:
My friend Ann happened to be over when these came out of the steamer, and she remarked how much they (still) looked like raw sausage. I was skeptical . . . but I chilled them for later use.

After a quick dusting of flour and pan-frying in some canola oil:
Breakfast for dinner! Wahoo! (And yes, more waffles.) Dan mentioned that he liked the veggie links better than he likes regular breakfast sausages. I have to agree! They were moist but held together wonderfully, spicy and sweet and savory all at the same time -- the mark of a perfect breakfast link.

Thanks for the tips and recipe, Megan!


MeloMeals said...


I really need to try that recipe. I am not really a fan of seitan either, even though everytime I make it I try to be.

J said...

That breakfast of yours looks mighty nice. I too had been eyeing Megan's links, and may now have to make them.

And I like the look of that fruit. :-)