Wednesday, September 10, 2008

agave info

My friend Lauren asked me a question in a comment regarding agave, and I thought I'd answer! (Shout out to Lauren! Did they choose your jelly bean flavor, or what?)

So, what do I think about agave nectar??

I like it! It has a sweet, syrupy, mostly neutral taste.
It dissolves well, even in cold liquids. (Which is why I put a tablespoon in each batch of my homemade almond milk.)
It has a lower glycemic index than all other natural sweeteners.
It measures more easily than honey, since it is "runnier."
It comes from a cactus! How cool is that?

For more information, go check out this article on wikipedia.



Anonymous said...

I love it too - I have been using it in everything lately. I also discovered something else called Yacon syrup that is supposed to be excellent.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love Agave? I use it all the time! It's light, I love that it's a wee-bit more complex carbish than some other sugars, and it's vegan - olé!

Anonymous said...

I love agave too! I just wish it were not so expensive...I would use it SO much more if it were a little more affordable...


Taylor said...

I've grown to love agave nectar over the past year. Mostly because it doesn't crystallize like honey. So when it sits over the summer when I'm not drinking tea, all is good and flowing when the cool weather picks up again.