Monday, October 20, 2008

3-year-old cravings

No, not cravings that I've had for three years . . . and example of a 3-year-old's craving:

I was chatting with a couple of the little girls in my class before our school day was over, and we were talking about what we were going to do when we got home. One little girl asked me, "are you going to make dinner when you get home?" I said yes I was, and then asked them what they thought I should make for dinner. The other little girl shrieked excitedly,


I laughed -- and mentioned chocolate pie wasn't dinner, it was dessert, silly! Then we all laughed.


So, anybody have a favorite chocolate pie recipe? 'Cause now I'm craving chocolate pie.


Anonymous said...

Aww cuteness! Well, now I want chocolate pie. You have to make the Smlove Pie from VCON. It's, well...heaven.

funwithyourfood said...

hahahaha.. the only chocolate pie i've ever made was a chocolate tofu mint pie.. it was pretty tasty with dark chocolate


Anonymous said...

Oh, and thank you for the hash brown recipe! I am going to make some this weekend :]

Bex said...

I'm with her, chocolate pie for dinner!