Friday, October 24, 2008

the freezer meme

What's in my freezer?
Black beans, chickpeas, homemade marinara (hiding in back,) leftover soup, leftover chana dal, the bowl for my ice cream maker, a couple of Matthew's burritos, edamame, apple butter, minced fresh lemongrass, chipotles in adobo sauce, homemade waffles, a little rhubarb, a package of wonton wrappers, a blend of flours and flax for bread making, leftover frosting from my coteacher's birthday cake,, a box of very old baking soda, and
ice packs, breadcrumbs, ground flaxseeds, green peas, yeast, and the "fat can." (I haven't been using the "fat can," so I actually threw it out right after I took this picture. I just dump my leftover hashbrown-frying fat in the garbage these days.)

So . . . what's in your freezer?


Anonymous said...

Your freeze is so neat! I'm jealous....mine is a bit, well, more frenzied.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Love your freezer stash!!

My freezer is stocked with frozen produce, frozen beans, and frozen Snobby Joes :0)

Ricki said...

You have the most incredbily organized freezer I've seen! I can't do this meme because mine looks like a natural disaster hit it. But it has frozen veggies, frozen fruits, frozen homemade baked goods (mostly muffins and pancakes), frozen tempeh, frozen tofu (too close to expiry date so had to freeze it), and ice. Oh, and a bottle of gin :)

Anonymous said...

Your freezer looks so neat--did you clean it out before taking the photo?! Just kidding! I am impressed...


Anonymous said...

I agree with the folks saying your freezer is so neat! My is total chaos, but it has frozen scones, muffins, pear bread, edamame, veggies, and fruit for smoothies. I love a well stocked freezer for times when I don't want to cook.