Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bill's Imported Foods

Courtney and I took a short journey to Bill's Imported Foods this morning! I'd heard about Bill's for years, but never actually ventured in there until a couple of weeks ago. Dan and I popped in there on MLK day, after we finished lunch at Bryant-Lake Bowl, and ended up jumping around like crazy people at the vast selection of awesome stuff, affordable prices, and amazing-looking feta cheeses! ALAS . . . Bill's does not accept credit cards! Blah! We had no cash! We spent a long time putting back a big basket full of tasty deliciousness. :(

Well, I went armed with a modest amount of cash this weekend, and came home with the following:

Top-bottom, left-right: dried cranberries, hazelnuts, dried coconut, gigantic jar of kalamata olives, gigantic jar of capers, dried blueberries, dried red plums, dried peaches, gnocchi, and roasted, salted pistachios! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!! The plums and peaches are especially exciting finds for me. Bill's also has dried papaya, dried guava, dried mango, and a whole host of other dried fruits, all at pretty reasonable prices. I could have spent twice as much money as I did, but I had to exercise SOME self-control! (And budget-consciousness!)

All of that shopping makes a girl hungry:

I'd realized we hadn't had this brunch in quite some time, and boy were we due! I love potatoes so, so much, and poached is about the only way I like my eggs. (Well, and hard-boiled. And scrambled, but only "hidden" in a breakfast burrito-type concoction.)


Pizza's on the agenda for dinner tonight, but we have to go collect the car first. Car problems sure do suck, and are mighty expensive! BUT, Dan's car is all fixed up and ready to go, so I guess that's a good thing!?!?


Anonymous said...

Oh no--what happened to Dan's car?!? Do you need a ride anywhere?

You will have to let me know what you think of the dried peaches and red plums--I have never had the red plums before! Are they any different than regular old prunes??


Crystal said...

I love Bill's Imported Foods except for the no credit card thing and they happened to be closed the last 2 times I went.

I'm a fan of the pistachios, unsweetened coconut flakes, super cheap goat cheese (when it's nearing it's expiration) and the other bulk goodies!