Monday, January 18, 2010


Dinner last night was a winner!

"Chickpea Cutlets" with "Mustard Sauce," both from Veganomicon, with sides of garlic-mashed potatoes and lemony chard. I wasn't completely sold on the whole chickpea cutlet idea at first -- my first couple of tries with the recipe yielded slightly gummy, mushy centers. My trick to perfect cutlets? I divide the recipe into six cutlets (instead of the suggested four,) and press them as thin as I possibly can. Voila! Fully-cooked, crispy goodness all around! P.S. the mashed potatoes were worth writing a song about -- I had a few tablespoons of leftover sour cream in the fridge, and holy cow! That was a great thing.

Breakfast this morning was also a winner!

"Amazing Overnight Waffles," from Mollie Katzen's Sunlight Cafe, made with all whole-wheat pastry flour and topped with peanut butter and maple syrup (shout out to Ann!); pineapple and blueberries on the side. YUM! I'm so glad I bought a new waffle iron!

And, I forgot to mention yesterday that I made some muffins last night:

"Barley Spice Muffins," from the back of the Arrowhead Mills barley flour package. When did I last buy barley flour? Who knows. What did I buy barley flour for? Again, who knows. There was just about a cup left, though, and it didn't smell or look funny, so I figured, why not use it up? And as you can see, even non-vegan muffins suffer from the "pits" sometimes! Oh well; at least they are whole grain, healthy, and delicious!

Stay tuned for the last of the "Olive Oil Dough" useage later tonight!

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Shaheen said...

Those chickpea cutlets look good. I am a fan of them. I have Sunlight Cafe but have not cooked from it yet, so thanks for reminding me to look at it again.
I've only ever made two vegan muffins, one was carrot muffins and recently marshmallow and cola, they have been a super success, so I will sure be making some more in the future.