Monday, January 18, 2010

the last of the Olive Oil Dough

I used my last glob of "Olive Oil Dough" to make a batch of gorgeous, puffy pita tonight!

Really, other than convenience, WHY have I been buying pita? (And since it only takes, like, fifteen minutes to make pita from refrigerated dough, why have I been buying pita at all?) YUM.

Stuffed the pita with . . .

. . . falafel, expertly cooked by Dan, chopped veggies, and yogurt-tahini sauce. Deeeeeeeeelicious!

Oh yeah . . . and before Dan cooked up the falafel, he cleaned the bathroom! (We're talking, dusted between the radiator slats, scrubbed the floor on his hands and knees, etc.) Not that I'm bragging or anything . . . !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dan is a keeper for sure! You can send him over to my apt to clean MY bathroom any time :-)

Those pita are beautiful--I am so impressed! I have never made pita before...I have always been intimidated by it. But yours looks so perfect and you say it is easy? Hmmm...